Shorten your url! Pass it on.

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url passI just stumbled on to this. urlPass is another free web2.0 service that enables you to reduce the length of your url.
So that you can turn a long url like:
into a handy short url like:

If you click on this url it still leads to the same article. Cool huh?

After a lot of head banging over how to really earn money online without any investment whatsoever, I came across these sites which are called paid to click sites.
The deal is simple .
You make an account with that particular site( which is as easy as 1-2-3 if you have an email and a paypal/alertpay account). Paypal and Alertpay are free by the way.
After making an account with them, you visit the site and go to 'surf ads' where there will be a number of ads waiting for you to be viewed. Just click on the ads(which will open in a new tab/window). Let the ad run for about 30 seconds after which a predetermined amount will be credited to your account(normally 1 cent per view).

Now that does not sound much but they also have the referral system, where you earn money when your referrals view the ads( normally .5 -.75 cents per ad ).
You can also buy referrals for a nominal amount( which i intend to do)
Minimum Payout of only $5 (or $2 in some cases).means you don't have to wait indefinitely.
If you have 10 referrals viewing 10 ads per day @ 1 cent per ad( for premium members). You earn $1 per day.
That means you earn $30 per month for doing nothing.HOw cool is that.!!!


There are thousands of PTC sites and most of them are scams and do not pay!
After doing considerable amount of research I have compiled a list of the best PTC sites which really pay(and pay fast).I am yet to come across a negative comment/complaint against these top 3 sites.
So go ahead and check these out.


This is my personal favorite because of its pleasing look and no nonsense functions.
Thinkbux- Pays within 24 hours!!

1 cent per click, 9 ads daily
0.5 cent per referral click
Cheap upgrade, $25.99 per year
With upgrade receive 5 referrals also and higher earnings per click
Pays to Alertpay and paypal
Ability to convert balance to referrals
Very secure-pin feature



Established PTC site with forum and good admin
$5 payout
Click ads worth 1 cent
5-10 ads for standard members per day
Referral clicks worth 0.5 cents
Pays to paypal (premium) or alertpay
Upgrade is cheap and adds refs to your downline
Paid twice within a week
Ability to convert your balance to referrals



Launched in April 2008
First payout $2, second $3, up to $10
1-2 cent ads
Number of ads varies per day ,5-10
Referral clicks worth 1-2 cents
Has lottery games
Golden membership pays well here but is expensive
INSTANT payment to your Alertpay, been PAID 3 times
If you like PTC you must Join this


Other recommended PTC sites:


Do experiment with these and let me know what you think of it!
There are a lot of other sites which I am experimenting with . Will include them in future posts.

If your blog is not being accepted by Adsense because of whatever reason they cite, don't lose heart. There are other wonderful alternatives who also pay you for running ads just like adsense. And they do not have that strict a criteria for a blog to be accepted by them. Well, this is wonderful news for new blogs because you can earn money right from the word go.
I experimented with some ad networks and here I list some which might help you earn some bucks.


Adbrite is a wonderful ad network which lets you place ads on your blog and they pay you on per click if any visitor to your blog clicks on the ad, you earn money. 
How much do you earn per click depends on the bid which you have placed or according to the current demand.

Adbrite also runs text ads but the best which I find is the animated ads which realy attract attention and leads to higher clicks. it also looks great( and not boring) so will preserve the aesthetic sense of your blog.
The great thing about adbrite is that the minimum payout is only $5 so you can ask for payment whenever you reach that amount.

If you want to register for adbrite:  CLICK HERE


As far as text ads go, i highly recommend bidvertiser for new blogs because they readily accept relatively smaller blogs also and the money is also good. it also pays on per click basis.
Bidvertiser runs only text ads.
It has a mimimum payout of $10 .
They also have a very good referral system from which you can earn by referring other friends.
I am very near to reaching the minimum payout and am expecting to be paid within a month or so .

If you want to register with bidvertiser:  CLICK HERE


Try out these networks and let me know how are they.



What's with adsense anyway?

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I have been blogging for some months now, and everyone knows that you can make money using Google Adsense. But how do you get your blog approved by Adsense?
I have tried for my other two blogs which are about 3 months old and have over 40 posts, but by Adsense directions your blog must have a top level domain in order to be accepted.Now if that was entirely true then no blogspot blog would ever earn anything, right?

But I know many blogspot blogs who have been accepted by adsense.

So what's the real deal ? How can a blog get accepted by adsense? Does the traffic,pageviews also matter?
I f you own a blogspot blog acceted by adsense , plz leave a piece of your mind.!

About 'Can i money?'

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I have seen a lot of bloggers sharing their experiences of how they are able to earn 'a lot' of  money by multitudes of methods of earning online. I have also read about webmasters millionaires who make a fortune online.
So I thought , why not? Let me give it a shot!
Now, the content of this blog will revolve around 'online money' but this blog is not another " MMO" blog.
Infact, I have not earned a dime online so all I am going to do here is post my experiences,learnings, doubts,questions,feelings,emotions etc, etc, about my trials  in "online money making".
I know a few things but a lot to learn.
So i would be needing a lot of support from you (the readers).
Keep those valuable suggestions coming in, post a link if you think its worth reading. I would be thankful.

Topmost among my charts is to make a looooot of friends(fellow bloggers) who have similar aspirations and thoughts. So do comment(I will surely comment back to your blog!). Together we can do it!
What say you?