If your blog is not being accepted by Adsense because of whatever reason they cite, don't lose heart. There are other wonderful alternatives who also pay you for running ads just like adsense. And they do not have that strict a criteria for a blog to be accepted by them. Well, this is wonderful news for new blogs because you can earn money right from the word go.
I experimented with some ad networks and here I list some which might help you earn some bucks.


Adbrite is a wonderful ad network which lets you place ads on your blog and they pay you on per click basis.so if any visitor to your blog clicks on the ad, you earn money. 
How much do you earn per click depends on the bid which you have placed or according to the current demand.

Adbrite also runs text ads but the best which I find is the animated ads which realy attract attention and leads to higher clicks. it also looks great( and not boring) so will preserve the aesthetic sense of your blog.
The great thing about adbrite is that the minimum payout is only $5 so you can ask for payment whenever you reach that amount.

If you want to register for adbrite:  CLICK HERE


As far as text ads go, i highly recommend bidvertiser for new blogs because they readily accept relatively smaller blogs also and the money is also good. it also pays on per click basis.
Bidvertiser runs only text ads.
It has a mimimum payout of $10 .
They also have a very good referral system from which you can earn by referring other friends.
I am very near to reaching the minimum payout and am expecting to be paid within a month or so .

If you want to register with bidvertiser:  CLICK HERE


Try out these networks and let me know how are they.




  1. cheth // October 23, 2008 at 4:28 AM  

    yea as my adsense is not approved currently i run these two

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